DF Zine November Update

Hi contributors!

The November 31 deadline I set for page contributions is fast approaching. At this point I want to check in and offer some flexibility! Read on –


There are a couple of completed pages in the bank and a few people have confirmed they are on track for the deadline. Another batch of people haven’t let me know where they are at at all yet. At this point, I still want to lock in the pages we are going to be finishing with as of end of November, but I can be absolutely be flexible in terms of receiving the actual final artwork later!
So at this point what I would like from each by the nov 30 deadline, if you can’t get the final piece across by then, is the following! 

– Hard confirmation of what your page is of (what recipe or recipes),
– Hard confirmation of how many pages it takes up, (two page spread, one page, etc)
– A general idea of layout (if you can provide a sketch, or WIP that would be great!)

If I don’t have your final art yet, if you lock in these features I can still plan the layout, table of contents, etc and look into printing quotes with confidence!

I have added a column to the contributor spreadsheet – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ikSXzYgBD58JxAONtZv7sULzAnBnt3mxeFgReqvraQo/edit?usp=sharing

Please update your row on the spreadsheet and then write in the final column that YES, this is your final confirmation. I’ll check the spreadsheet after Nov 30 and chase/confirm anything.


The process of pulling everything together is going to be slow – I won’t know the printing cost till the page count and contents are locked in, so even if the art on all the pages is not yet complete, hard confirmation of each page’s content is step 1!

From there I can figure out the scale of the zine, and with a quote on price, set up pre orders to figure out quantities and fund the print run. (I also probably won’t do preorders til the cover page and title are final so people know what they’re buying!)

Once the preorder period ends, THEN it will finally go to the printer, I can create the matching digital version based on the final print layout, and from there – posting physical versions, making the digital version available, etc!

A lot to do! it will be after Christmas for sure that all of this starts coming together in a big way, but step one is locking in the content.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me on any platform if you want to discuss your contribution!