November 30 deadline for final page confirmation, final page artwork can come in the new year

Hey all ! We’re barreling towards December and I want to remind everyone that the final deadline has been loosened, as of November 30 I just want the following:

  • Hard confirmation of what your page is of (what recipe or recipes),
  • Hard confirmation of how many pages it takes up, (two page spread, one page, etc)

I was hoping for a sketch or progress confirmation at this stage but it’s seeming like a lot of people won’t be able to provide that – that’s ok!

As I’ve mentioned, I would prefer a larger amount of contributions vs. a hard deadline and a small amount of contributions, so I want to be as flexible as possible.

However I do need page counts to start looking at pricing and production for a physical zine, which I definitely want to do – so PLEASE confirm your page count and topic!

I understand December is the busiest time of the year, so now that the timelines have crept into December, I know it’s going to be tricky to get anything finished. That’s why, if you can confirm your pages this month, I am fine with receiving the artwork in January 2022.

I hope that works and means we can get a lot of art included! 🙂